10 Things You Can Do to Curb Climate Change

The climate is getting some well deserved attention this week. Friday's global strike was likely the largest climate rally ever. Millions of people around the world took part and although estimates of total crowd sizes are still rolling in, some estimate as high as 4 million. And today Climate Week NYC is kicking off in the Big Apple, having doubled in size from last year with over 350 events taking place.

Here at Ecoimpact we are celebrating climate change activism and action with our list of the 10 Things You Can Do to Curb Climate Change. Because we believe everyone has a role to play and everyone must do their part for the planet.

  1. Eat less meat. Value your food and your food sources. Buy local.

  2. Turn your thermostat up / down 2 degrees when you are not home.

  3. Walk, take public transportation or ride-share.

  4. Recycle right. Know what your municipality will recycle and avoid purchasing items that can’t be recycled.

  5. Waste not. Shop for perishables as needed. Compost.

  6. Plant a tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide released in to the atmosphere.

  7. Switch to LED light bulbs.

  8. Buy less stuff. Donate or swap stuff you have finished using instead of throwing it in the dumpster.

  9. Limit your time at the tap. Turn off the water while you soap or brush your teeth. Try shorter showers.

  10. Vote. Be informed. Speak up on behalf of your planet.