Think Globally, Act Personally

This Earth Day we encourage you to start a new tradition: set an Earth Day Resolution. Similar to the time we spend every December 31st searching our souls for ways improve ourselves in the New Year, this Earth Day we challenge everyone to start thinking about ways that our personal actions can positively impact the environmental movement.

Much like the popular New Year’s Resolutions including exercising a little more or spending more time with family and friends, we acknowledge that some resolutions are easier to keep than others. Here are some great ideas generated by Ecoimpact partners and staff to get you thinking about easy ways to think globally and act personally this Earth Day and every day:


  • Bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store. If you are like us, sometimes you forget to grab your reusable bags so keep some in the trunk of your car or hang them by your front door.

  • Reduce food waste. Food waste is the third largest contributor to GHG emissions. Consider composting food scraps in a home composter and try shopping for small amounts of produce twice a week to reduce spoilage.

  • Cut down on your meat consumption. Livestock rearing is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Start with “meatless Monday” if you are new to the vegetarian concept. Someday you may find yourself eating “meat free most days.”

Vote with your dollars:

  • Buy more organic foods. Buying organic food supports a heathier lifestyle and a healthier food economy. Check out lists of which conventional produce contains the most pesticides and replace those with organic as a place to start.

  • Consider purchasing household items from companies who are certified B corporations. Buy Fair Trade. Look for the FSC label on paper and wood products.

  • Send a regular donation to an environmental group whose sustainability goals align with yours.

  • Switch out chemical cleaners and sprays at home. Research alternatives to chemical cleaners and make your own using things like baking soda and vinegar whenever possible.

Enjoy nature and encourage natural habitats:

  • Consider planting bee and butterfly friendly flowers this spring. Plant a tree near your house. Reduce irrigation needs at home by reducing turf grass area and selecting native or adaptive species for your region.

  • Volunteer with a local organization for a creek or urban clean up.

Know the Issues and Advocate:

  • The averages temperatures of the Earth and its oceans are rising.

  • Glaciers are shrinking and sea levels are rising.

  • Oceans are more acidic due to the emission of more harmful gases in the atmosphere, causing changes in the chemical composition of water.

  • Learn the issues, study the research and take a stance against the climate change deniers.

  • Vote with our Planet’s future in mind.

Small changes can make a big difference. From all of us at Ecoimpact, let’s make every day Earth Day!